Dear USXC Racers, Crew Members, and Fans -

We are sorry to have to inform you that we have had to cancel this year’s Year End Awards Banquet, in entirety, which was previously postponed due to inclement weather.

Following consultation with Thumper Pond Resort, it was determined that the availability of their venue (both banquet space and hotel rooms) would not be adequate to meet our needs in the near enough future.

We did attempt to come up with an alternative venue, but between the available dates and options given, we were advised that this would be too impractical for most as many of our race and crew members work seasonal positions and would be unavailable to attend.

Therefore, on behalf of Race Director Brian Nelson and USXC Racing, we would like to apologize for this cancellation, especially to those of you who had made plans to attend the prior date. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other opinions on when she wanted to give us a good Winter!  We are already working hard on next year’s event schedule and look forward to an even more spectacular season; we hope you all will join us once again!

Year end season point plaques will be sent out via mail in the coming weeks; please be on the lookout. For a full list of year end standings, please visit

Thank you to all our sponsors, for your generous sponsorship over the last season. Your support is not something we take lightly and is very much appreciated by everyone connected with USXC Racing.

Thank you to all the race day volunteers, for the long hours, extremely cold days, early mornings, and endless help.

Thank you to the spectators and crew members, for showing up, lending a hand when needed, and being there to support and celebrate your favorite racer and their achievements.   

And thank you to all the USXC racers, for helping build a community we’re proud to be part of. For constantly inspiring one another to be their best, to push harder, and to have fun. It was a season to remember in many ways, but the friendships and relationships that were built last a lifetime for all of us.

We hope you have a wonderful Summer and we look forward to seeing many of you in the Fall at Hay Days 2018!

Best Regards,

Brian Nelson and the Crew of USXC Racing