usxclogonewswebParking Suggestions for Pine Lake

Suggestions for parking on Pine Lake...

◾️All big rigs 3 axels or more stay on shore or park on ice in the first row next to the shore.
◾️Carry 2x8 boards at least 3 feet long to put under the trailer dollies if you unhook.
◾️Have tools with to raise your 5th wheel hitch if the trailer settles when unhooked.
◾️Put a sheet of plywood under your generator if its sitting on the ice.
◾️Leave trucks hooked to trailers if possible with the keys in the switch and the door unlocked (can be moved in a hurry if necessary)
◾️Leave extra room between rigs.
◾️If you have water coming up move your rig asap as it will only get worse and flood a big area.
◾️Do not cut any holes to check ice thickness, its over 12 inches at this time.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you,

Brian Nelson
USXC Racing