WtoW2015Logo140x133Info for Crossing the Border

1. The racers will be going thru US Customs in the same lanes the autos use. It will go quicker with an RFID card. If the card is in a pocket, particularly on the top left, Customs will be able to scan it before you reach the port.

Drivers will have to take their helmet off for a visual ID. You will be off the clock from just before US Customs to until you leave Pembina. A Passport will also work. 

2. If you have had a DUI or any other legal issues that might prevent you from getting into Canada you can call 204-373-2524 or fax info to 204-373-2275. You can also email Sean O'Brien, Superintendent at the Canada Border Services Agency. We will also have an invite system set up for those that have issues. Details will be on the site shortly. You could also try and get in this summer sometime!
3. We will need a list of all the people going into Canada 2 weeks prior, this goes to Customs on both sides and will speed up the process.
4. I would recommend taking a small trailer or just haul the sled in the back of a pickup truck to the starting line. The race headquarters in Winnipeg has very limited parking for trailers. You can leave the trailer at the Red River Coop Speedway, there will be security.
5. The crews will be required to reenter Minnesota at the Lancaster HWY 59 port of entry. This will help the racers clear customs in Pembina. The crews will meet up with the race course in Lancaster and follow it south to TRF.

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