Seven Clans

Canada Border Services

If you think you might have a problem getting into Canada, please contact the Canada Border Services Agency by phone at 204-373-2524 or fax 204-373-2275. This will allow them

to answer your questions personally and verify your identities as well as receive documentation that you may need to provide them with. Contact them sooner rather than later to be sure you will be able to race!

From Canada Border Services Agency: "For those wondering what occurs when a person has a conviction for Driving While Impaired in the United States? Generally this makes a person inadmissible to Canada however, there are several factors that we would have to make a final determination. For example: when was the conviction, what was the person's BAC, was there a plea arrangement, etc. There are also permits that may be accessible that overcome minor criminality issues for events such as this. Most Immigration matters are dealt with on a case by case basis and I encourage your racers to speak with my team if they have questions regarding criminal records/ histories as this is where we can be most helpful in providing them specific information."